Burger King 333° whopper campaign. 2015

Everything but TV: a 333° campaign for the Whopper. Including text, video and game development. An amazing project to show our skill set – built out of an instore-promotion.



First Step.

We started the campaign with a joke. Our little april-fools-day joke of bringing a Whopper Do-It-Yourself Kit to the grociery stores reached 875.000 people on facebook within 2 days, gathered 14.522 Likes, over 10.000 comments and more than 1800 Shares. 

Our favorite quotes:

„You guys are playing with my heart!“

„Which stores?“

„Meanest, most evil, sneaky, back-stabbing april-fools-day joke in the world. I want it right now!“

Second Step. We teased our fans with some little movies we made.

Third Step. After we reminded our customers what »have it your way« means, we encouraged them to send us their amazing Whopper builds. And even long after the campaign ended we're still reciving pictures every day. So the "User-Whoppers" became a constant series on Burger Kings Facebook Site, with more than 1500 likes and a reach over 250.000 users. Every single week. Just like that.

One of our favorites was Rainer’s Whopper. Our fans connected with Rainer so much, that we send him a little package with a video cam, some shirts and a voucher for his own Whopper-Fest. To be continued…

Fourth Step. A video post to explain the »Have it your way«-principle.

Fifth Step. Now we brought the campaign in the store – from posters, banners, animated menuboards to the tabletoppers – the message was everywhere: »Don't order one. Order yours.«

Sixth Step. An addictive little puzzle game that shows the almost endless variations of the Whopper. Try it – on your own risk: www.whoppergame.de

Seventh Step. A guerillia stunt, that uses the worlds most famous dating app, to tell a little story about love and literally engage with our fans. Happy End included.