Burger King mobile app. since 2014

In 2014 we were asked by Burger King to redesign their mobile app according to their new Corporate Identity. And while we were doing this (alltogether with their website), we transfered the app to a delightfully easy to use content management system. Who said design and technology can´t work hand in hand?

The best way to see how it works is, of course, on your phone. And we’re always pleased about new users. But for those two people, whose phones are not "smart" yet, we made this little movie.

And because suddenly everything was beautiful and easy to use, more and more countries were integrated within the app. So we just left continental Europe and now welcoming Mexico and Puerto Rico. Bienvenido!

The Content Management System is the heart of our app. It’s built in a way that makes it easy for every different country and their local partner agencies to control the content of the app (and the website). This is not only money and time saving, it also strengthens the independence of the individual countries. Simply a great setup.