Burger King global shooting. 2014

Early April 2014 we were asked if we could execute the Global, European and German (in that order) product shooting. So on May 5th we started with the test shooting and finalized a grand total of over 500 product shots within a few weeks.

Where did we land? Will a result that looks like it also sould have done. »A burger is a burger, right?« Yes and is the result of long discussions and intensive testing. The main objective was to find a consistent perspective that allows us to combine the individual products in any given arrangement with various backgrounds and still deliver a realistic picture. Sounds difficult, because it was. And it was worth it.

In addition to the final pictures we created shooting guidelines to help the countries plan and execute the product shootings themselves. But more important: to achieve same result as we did. Fastidious »German Standard« so to speak.